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Local Attractions tour in Shantou City

Heaven-temple Park - At the bottom of the road down from the peak, this park comprises of a natural rock forest; a masterpiece carved by the lashings waves for thousand of years.

Dragon-spring Hill - Located just one kilometre north of Tuopu County, Dragon-spring hill contains a group of built temples and is a popular tourist attraction. It is here where the spring water runs through the gullies as mountain streams, all year round.

Queshi Scenic Zone - Consisting of 43 ridges and peaks, Queshi Scenic Zone is located on the south of Shantou Harbor. It has fine views of the sea, hills, rocks and caves. This area, considered scenically significant within the province, is divided into five parts.

Goddess Mother Island - On this island, there are two Heavenly Goddess palaces, built in the Yuan and Qing Dynasties respectively. The island, with an elevation of 41 metres, is used as a natural pier for the Gulf Bridge.

Tropic of Cancer Tower - The Tower, marking the Tropic of Cancer, is 13.6 metres in height and 30 metres in width. It stands about five kilometres north of Shantou University. Sunlight passing through the axis hole of the globe forms a circular shape on the ground and marks the Tropic of Cancer. This serves to remind people that the earth still rotates, even when the sun’s shadow is moving southwards.

Qing’ao Gulf - Facing the Pacific Ocean, the Qing’ao Gulf consists of a qualified natural swimming place with modern facilities. Yacht training and performances are often held here. In the evenings, tourists can enjoy a campfire by the beach. This gulf is a place where tourists have an opportunity to watch folk performances and acrobatic shows.