Boat Quay is located upriver from Marina Bay on the south bank of the Singapore River. It used to be home to the busiest part of the Port of Singapore and was responsible for managing 75% of all of the shipping business up until the 1860s. This part of the river looks a bit like the body of a carp which in many Chinese cultures is where wealth and prosperity hide themselves. For this reason, many business were built up in this area people believed that it would bring them good fortune.

Although Boat Quay is no longer a central and integral part of the Port of Singapore and an incredibly vital part of the Singaporean economy, many of the shops have been conserved according to their original appearances, but have been restored and refurbished on the inside to house bars, clubs and restaurants. The economy of the area has been transformed from serving the aquatic trade to serve tourists and visitors. It is also a favourite place amongst local and visiting professionals to unwind after a stressful day at work. It has an eclectic combination of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightlife which provide the perfect recipe for a great evening’s entertainment.

Address: Boat Quay, Singapore, Singapore (Downtown Core)
Tel: 1800 6736 2000
Opening hours: noon - late