Whether you are attending a fire walking ceremony, watching a lion dance performance or enjoying a traditional trishaw ride through the streets, you won’t have time to be bored in Chinatown! There is a plethora of museums, shopping opportunities and places to sample new and exciting foods which will keep any traveller entertained for at least a day.

The streets would be beautiful to look at even if they weren’t filled with such exciting and extravagant displays all of the time. The intricate facades and high arches of the buildings make a stunning backdrop to all of the fun and entertainment.

There is also a rich cultural and historical side to Chinatown. Many parts of the district have been names as national heritage sites to be conserved and protected. The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a must see on any trip to Chinatown. If you want to go inside then make sure that you cover your shoulders and ankles out of respect, but it is a real sight from the outside as well. The temple is an incredibly serene and peaceful place, and makes for a tranquil haven from the busy streets outside.

Website: www.chinatown.sg