Little India is located just across from Chinatown on the eastern side of the Singapore River. If you are looking for low-cost entertainment then this is a fantastic place to start. The food is great value and you don’t even necessarily need to buy anything to take in all that is going on around you.

Awaken all of your senses in this amazing neighbourhood. The Tekka Centre is a food market which sells meat, exotic vegetables, fruits, and spices as well as ready cooked dishes for you to sample. It can get very crowded but the atmosphere is busy and exciting. It’s a great place to take in a whole di! erent culinary world and to smell all of the fantastic spices which liven up the delicious Indian food, feast your eyes on the arrange of colours and shapes all around you, delight your taste buds by sampling the amazing array of food on offer.

It is definitely a place you should look to visit during your stay in Singapore. You can download a Little India App which will guide through all there is to see and do in the district.