The new National Stadium of Singapore has been built to replace the former national stadium which was closed in 2007. The new stadium opened its doors on 30th June, 2014. It is the world’s only fully multipurpose stadium, having been designed specifically to host football, cricket and rugby matches as well as athletics events. There is also a special automated retractable seating system in place which means that the stadium can be converted into an arena to host concerts and other entertainment events very easily.

It has a capacity to seat over 50,000 sports spectators at any one time and only takes roughly 48 hours to change all of the seating to be ready for a di! erent type of event. It really is an incredible feat of engineering as it is a space which fully caters for the needs of so many different types of event.

As with most modern stadiums, it also has a retractable roof mechanism in place to make the stadium appropriate in all weather conditions. The roof is made entirely of weather-resistant materials and takes just 25 minutes to open or close.

Address: 1 Stadium Drive, Singapore, 397629
Tel: +65 6653 8900