The Singapore River flows from the centre of Singapore; it is a very short river, stretching for just under 2 miles from its source at the Kim Seng Bridge to the estuary at Marina Bay. Before the bridge, the river starts off as the Alexandra Canal and continues to wind its way another mile and a half inland. 

The Kim Seng Bridge is in the heart of the central region in Singapore. It is by no means the most architecturally interesting bridge in the world, but you will often see tourists walking along the Kim Seng road to take a look at the birthplace of the famous river. 

The Singapore River was historically extremely important for the city’s economy. It was the main mode of transport, and so a port was set up to welcome incoming boats and ships bring goods from all over the world. The port and the river became the central hub of trade, finance and commerce within the city.

It was incredibly important for the wealth of the city, and for this reason many temples and shrines were constructed along its course. You can still see and visit some of these places of worship today.